Becky specialises in Anxiety, Fear, Reactivity & Aggression in Dogs. 
Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs or people? Do they try and avoid other people and pets? Do you find that they are anxious in certain environments or just scared of many things in general?

How Becky can help.

Becky has a lot of experience with working with these types of behaviours and knows how scary and disheartening it can be for dog owners whose beloved dogs behave this way. With using force free, positive reinforcement methods Becky will help owners in helping their dogs overcome these behaviours.
When dealing with behaviour it is important that owners are aware that it will take time, commitment, consistency and management. Becky will help you understand why your dog is behaving the way they do,  what your dog is communicating by understanding their body language and how you can help change your dogs emotional response giving them better ways to deal with these scary things. It is important to understand that there is no quick fix and unfortunately Becky does not have a magic wand. Therefore in order to see results Becky has put together several packages for you to book on to.
An initial 1 1/2 hour assessment will be required costing £100 This will allow Becky to  collect the relevant information that is needed and carry out an initial assessment. Becky will then discuss with you what she recommends in terms of packages.

Bronze £300

  • 6 x 60 minute 1 to 1 done with you sessions.

(Please note that sessions need to be used within a 2 month time frame)

Silver   £550

  • 5 x 60 minute 1 to 1 done with you sessions.
  • 5 x 60 minute done for you, training walks

(Please note that the sessions need to be used in a 3 month time frame)

Gold £1000

  • 2 x 60 minute 1 to 1, done with you sessions.
  • 15 x 60 minute done for you, training walks.

(Please note these need to be used within a 3 month period)

1 to 1 Training Walks

Training walks are a perfect opportunity to book Becky in for doing individual training walks with just her and your dog. Becky will pick your dog up and drop them back home, working on implementing the behaviour plan in place.

” Fortunately, a friend recommended Becky to us, we had been struggling with our ex street dog who was extremely fearful, extremely reactive and seemingly unresponsive to any trainer we took him to.

As soon as we met Becky, I felt she was the trainer for me, I felt completely at ease with her and my dog absolutely adored her. Becky was, and has continued to be, so amazing, nothing is ever too much trouble and she is always willing to try anything to help the dogs. Becky has never made me feel judged or alone, which is so often how I felt with a reactive and sensitive dog. Becky was so patient, performing a comprehensive assessment and helping us understand why Percy felt so afraid of the world.

 We then attended a series of 1-2-1s and classes with Becky which really helped us grow Percy’s world. Percy grew in confidence, made friends and we mastered so many strategies for helping Percy feel safe in the world.

Becky loves what she does, and it absolutely shines through when you watch her work with the dogs, and I believe this helps the dog feel safe. As time has passed, we have come back to Becky regularly as Percy has shown new behaviours, or his world has changed such as during lockdown or during our house move.

When my dog was attacked, I was able to ring Becky and get instant advice. When my dog ate some litter and became critically ill, Becky called us and helped us with his plan at the vets and later we came back for help with managing this in future. I have grown so much in confidence alongside my dog, and I feel able to try new things with my dog, knowing that Becky is there to help or to bounce ideas off.

My dog is my absolute world, and I feel like the journey to help him feel safe in the world has been one of the most difficult but most rewarding things I’ve ever done, I truly would not have managed it without Becky’s unwavering support. I even get compliments now on how well behaved he is! Thank you so much Becky.   “

Amber & Percy