Behaviour Consultations

Becky specialises in Anxiety, Fear, Reactivity & Aggression in Dogs. 
Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs or people? Do they try and avoid other people and pets? Do you find that they are anxious in certain environments or just scared of many things in general?

How Becky can help.

Becky has a lot of experience with working with these types of behaviours and knows how scary and disheartening it can be for dog owners whose beloved dogs behave this way. With using force free, positive reinforcement methods Becky will help owners in helping their dogs overcome these behaviours.
When dealing with behaviour it is important that owners are aware that it will take time, commitment, consistency and management. Becky will help you understand why your dog is behaving the way they do,  what your dog is communicating by understanding their body language and how you can help change your dogs emotional response giving them better ways to deal with these scary things.
An initial 2 hour consultation will be required costing £80 to allow Becky to collect the relevant information that is needed which will then help when putting together a behaviour plan for you to follow. After this you can continue with any of the following

  One to One sessions £30

  •  1 hour visits to be implemented around stooge dogs or person in a controlled environment. This allows information compiled from the initial consultation to be practiced with me.
  • Or 5 x 45 minute session block booking for £100.  (Please note these need to be used within a 2 month period).

Sensitive Dog Classes £70

  • This class will run for 5 weeks and will have a maximum of 4 dogs per class.
  • During the course we will work on confidence building, disengagement, scent work, management skills plus more
  • The course is designed to teach you the skills as well as helping your dog around their triggers, changing their emotional responses and teaching alternative behaviours. All in a controlled environment.

In addition to booking on to any of the above Becky will also be available for 1 to 1 training walks, costing £25 for 45 minute walks. Becky will pick your dog up and drop them back home. These will be used to implement the training that has been discussed in any of the above.  Please note that this service is only available to clients that have or are currently completing one of the above packages. You will also need to commit to at least one 1 to 1 training session a month costing £30 with Becky to keep up to date with progress.