We had our first consultation with Becky and I can honestly say I was overwhelmed with how amazing the session was! I thought my dog was doomed but 2 hours later he was playing off lead with another dog! I cannot recommend Becky enough and I am already looking forward to starting our life classes.


We saw Becky for a 1:1 initially and also attended the Life Skills classes recently to help with our Rottweiler cross rescue dog who has had anxiety and reactive issues. She provided us with some great managing tips and the classes were very helpful in both socialisation and training. Becky has a very positive reward attitude to training dogs and always helpful with her advice. Big thanks


We saw Becky to get some help with our Springer spaniel who has some anxiety and resource guarding fears. She was so so helpful, almost 2 weeks after seeing her it’s like we have a new dog! Becky has also checked in a couple of times since to see how we are getting on which is lovely. Looking forward to using more of Becky’s knowledge in the future. Thanks Becky!


Had an appointment with Becky she came to my house and saw my three dogs 3 year old cavachon, 2 year old shitzu cross and 1 year old schnauzer who is the problem who barks a lot on walks. I went out with Becky and she had Benji the schnauzer and he was better as she told me what to do, gave me some great tips and advice I will take him to one of her classes later in this year also had fabulous information via email from her so would highly recommend her x